Friday, October 26, 2007

Whoo Hoo... I lost 3 lbs... that makes 21 lbs down!

I am a happy camper! Yes it's true... losing another 3 pounds puts a smile on my 21 pounds lost so far. Yeah ok, I’m excited. I hadn’t been on the scale in a bit and I was concerned that I had gained. Happily I did not.

The process of moving the rescue dogs to our property has been an extremely stressful one. Unfortunately I allowed my state of mind to bounce all over the place. Bottom line, Mindset is the most important thing in getting healthy, losing weight, anything you attempt to do.

I am using the forte’ diet to help things along. It tastes great and is a quick meal replacement. My energy level is staying pretty high as well. This is a good thing since there is much to do…

Check it out… If I can lose weight using this so can you!

It's pretty exciting to me watching the pounds roll off. Feeling good while losing weight is a much appreciated added bonus!

For those of you with business on your minds. This is an excellent business opportunity! Take a look, it can add an additional stream of income to your business portfolio. Or if you are just starting in the home business arena it is an excellent opportunity to launch yourself into financial freedom!

Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Whoo... Hoo....I lost inches!

Whoo… Hoo… I am thrilled! No I haven’t gotten on the scale. I was pretty discouraged after dipping dogs in permethrin dip; I swelled up like a puffer fish. I felt like I had gained a bunch of fat and was pretty bummed. Of course it was just a reaction to the permethrin. That stuff is effective but sure does a number on me. Ugh! (see life is a journey blog for details-working on rescue dogs)

Anyway this morning I was looking for some work clothes to put on. The jeans I’d been wearing are like clown pants on me now and I keep stepping on the bottoms of the legs even with my monster suspenders on. Soooooo… I tried my bib overalls. Truthfully I was terrified to try them.

I hadn’t been able to wear them since my surgery in September 2005. Na na... Boo Boo… guess what I have on. They fit! I have a pair of them on right now. YAY!!!!

I’m losing inches… happy camper am I!

Gotta run… my afternoon workout of taking care of Pomeranians, building electric fence, windbreaks, etc it calling my name.

Life is a journey…enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & the Happy Hairballs