Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yeah! 295.8 lbs

I have a new lowest weight… na na boo boo… na na boo boo… yay! I am sore, snotty, and congested this morning… but I have a new lowest weight. Finally under 296….. FINALLY…. My new lowest weight is 295.8 lbs.

After my last lowest weight of 296.8 lbs I bounced. Back up to 300 then down… to 296.8 then bounce again… and work it back down… I seemed to have had some kind of weird attachment to 300 lbs. I would get a little bit away from it and go scuttling back to hide in it’s round numbers…

I’ve taken another step away from 300 lbs and am still going. I will say this my stomach turned after I saw what was on the scale. How’s that for weirdness.

313.8 – 295.8 = 18 pounds lost. The last time I measured I’d lost 15 inches, pretty excited about that. I don’t know how many more inches I’ve lost at this point. I know I’ve lost some because my clothes feel different.

168.8 – 18 = 150.8 lbs to go to goal weight. Next goal: get under 295 lbs.
Life is a journey, one day one step at a time.
Mary E. Robbins