Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happily on the Body Transformation Challenge.

I have had some positive results. First off I stopped weighing every day. That was driving me a bit batty. (more than usual) Actually I stopped weighing weekly as well. I am weighing and measuring monthly. First day of the month.

I got on the scale and whipped out the tape measure this morning. On the pounds issue: I actually gained a pound. So I am at 287lbs. However; on the inches issue: I actually lost 5.5 inches overall for the month. Whoo Whoo.

The first of April I started a 30 repetition workout chart. 30 times at hip hop abs, 30 oxycise level 1, 30 walks around the loop, 30 times on the elliptical at 5km (with increasing resistance) 30 times on the red exerciser (10 minutes each with increasing resistance).

I am still working on my 30 repetition workout. I tried doing all of it each day to start with and it kicked my behind. It was too much for me along with the yard work and kennels. Here are my repetitions for April. Walk loop: 12 times, Oxycise Level 1: 1 time, Red Exerciser: 18 times, Elliptical: 12 times, Hip Hop abs: 1 time.

I am continuing with my 30 repetition workout. When I finish up with this one I will continue on to the next level. I’ve quit beating myself up for not being superwoman. I think that is a positive thing. Lol. I am not making excuses, simply doing a bit each day. Happily I can see and feel the results. On my body the most noticeable for me is in my face. It doesn’t look like a pissed off puffer fish any more. Yay! Yes there Is still too much fat in it but not bloated with my features disappearing into flesh.

I know why I gained a pound. Frankly I’m glad it was only one pound. My eating was all over the place. Some good days and some BBBBBAAAAADDDDD days. My stress levels were pretty high and I went binge nuts. Snarf Snarf Snarf. I know I did it, the ice cream is gone. Along with quite a bit of other foodstuffs. I can’t say exactly what I did because I didn’t write down what I was eating. I know I was putting away 3 to 5 thousand calories a day several times a week. Frankly I was seriously dreading stepping on the scale. I am pleased that I didn’t gain more than I did.

Now to address the binging issue. Eating like that is not about being hungry. It’s a coping method. A compulsive addictive behavior. Basically hiding from life. I am making some major positive long term changes in my life and I freaked and snarfed. Yes I said positive changes, I still freaked. Change can trigger all sorts of buried, emotional land mines. It seems like every inch or pound that comes off my body uncovers another one. Then Boom- explodes all over the place.

What to do? Deal with each issue as it comes up. Sometimes it’s going to be messy. Sometimes not. But as each issue is dealt with I am getting healthier, stronger, more balanced overall.

First I’m not beating myself up over it. It happened can’t change that. Go on from here. Change the behavior. One step one day at a time. Ok, how do I do that?

Step 1: decide to. Step 2: write down what I eat. Every bloody bite. Step 3: when looking for something to eat ask myself if I’m actually hungry. Step 4: get a drink when grazing impulse comes on-see if I’m thirsty rather than hungry. Step5: use substitutions when urge to snarf is overwhelming-sugar free gum. (yes I know that is a crutch but it’s better than stuffing a half gallon of ice cream down my throat or eating several pounds of potatoes, or whatever I can get into my mouth) Step 6: daily plan- not set in stone but timeframes of when to do what. Things to accomplish for the day. Step 7: keep working on organizing my office (life/house/so on). It’s taking a bit to dig out from under. One day/one moment at a time.

These are some of the daily/weekly things in my life:

Read 10 pages of a good book a day (current reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson )
Office organization
Write in food journal
Write in journal/blogs
Back paperwork: not total just make a difference-a bit each day
Clean house: not total just make a difference-a bit each day
Grooming: initial spring groom-dogs
Yard: garden
Kennel Care
Personal Correspondence
Business Calls
Business Correspondence (paper/email)
Edit webpages
Business Calls
Photo editing
News letters
Listen to productive CD’s mp3’s (Tracy Biller/Jim Rohn/Al Turnquist) while working out, working in kennels, housework etc.
Husband/Family (important)
Relax (relax not collapse-write in some down time so do not collapse)

Now to slide them into time frames. Check off daily so can see progress. I am going to put this list into a table and check things off daily.

I as amazed at how much that helped with the workouts. I can actually see progress on paper.

What does this have to do with fitness? Think about it. Fitness has to do with overall health, mind/body/spirit. The total person. Dealing with stresses in a healthy manner. Accomplishing goals. Being a healthy happy person.

Take care of you!

Life is a journey, enjoy the trip.
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