Thursday, February 28, 2008

Building your philosophy:

I feel good today. Not over the top jump around nutsy good. Just good. It’s a pleasant feeling. I got on the scale again this morning. I stayed the same from yesterday to today. That is a good thing since I dropped 4 pounds the day before. My crash/burn/and binge earlier this month socked some pounds back on. Happily that is over.

Actually I am at peace with in myself. Nice contrast to what has been happening. I had been so full of static and conflict that I was not accomplishing what I wanted to and frankly driving myself a bit nutty. Time management can be a real issue. My upline in New Vision recommended Challenge to Succeed Cd set by Jim Rohn. Excellent recommendation. I’ve been listening to it while I work out on my elliptical. One of the tracks is called Time is More Valuable Than Money.

That is just too true. If you don’t manage your time what do you have? Absolutely nothing! Actually that’s not quite true, you do manage to accumulate quite a bit. Not things you would really want but they are there just the same. Poor health is one of the things you acquire when you do not manage your time. Masses of unpaid bills. Calls from collection agencies. Massive amounts of stress. Frustration topped off by rage. Conflict in relationships. So saying that you have absolutely nothing would actually be untrue. I don’t know about you; but frankly I can do without those particular things.

The same time I bought the Challenge to Succeed: A Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn I stumbled across a wonderful book. The Slight Edge, Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olson. Excellent Excellent. I strongly recommend it.

Speaking of time. I am on my way to do Oxycise grab a wonderful soak in the tub and head to town for kennel supplies. My mother dogs are out in the exercise yards, puppies cared for, did 10 kms on my elliptical.

Whoo hoo. I’m going for it on the contest New Vision is having. Whoo Hoo! Want to get in the money and lose some weight as well. Give me a call. I have some $50.00 gift cards for the
mangosteen and forte diets. 307.788.0202 Of course you can go directly to my website and get involved. However, the gift cards come from me personally. So pick up the phone. I’m pretty busy so you may get my voice mail. Simply leave me a message.

Have a wonderful day!

Life is a journey… book the trip.
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