Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another 3 pounds Gone!

Monday I got on the scale. Lost one pound from monday to monday. weighed 279. Did my wed weigh today. Dropped 3 more lbs. 276. That's 9 lbs down since october 5th, 23 lbs total down for the yr. 27 lbs left for my 50 lb goal this yr! rockin it off. Shakeology, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, journaling my food intake. Whoo Hoo! makin it happen!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So how does the following post relate to fitness? If you are having challenges with weight issues, follow-through, getting your butt off the couch; it applies. In any event there is always some reason for your activity or lack thereof. The question is; what is it and what to do about it…

(This post is related to the 30 day project from the Ed Severance Blog: Rewire the Damaged Hardware post)

30 Days to change the way I think: to rewire the damaged hardware.

Hmmmm. What would be the foremost, the optimum thing to change. To truly create the life I want to live. God has given me the ability to create the life I know I want to be living!

Ok, so what am I working on? The list seems insurmountable. Goes on and on adinfanitum. Bits of this and bits of that, list after list. Truth be told all of it fits under a couple of points. One word is the major player. So what is it? It is: F-E-A-R. That’s it fear. Such a small little word, only four small letters to have such a huge impact on so many people’s lives. Yes I know I’m not alone in this.

Ok, so the list of fears could go on and on. Big fears, little fears, erotic fears, infinitesimal fears, probably a few psychotic fears.

So what is the heading, or umbrella that all these fears are running around under? What is it?! It’s not fear of failure. Failure is a very safe place to hide. It’s not fear of fat. A fat suit is another safe place to hide. Fear of discovery. The fear that you may see who I really am.
Nah, I’ve pretty much put that out there. Amazingly enough I actually like myself. Fat a** and all.

Ok so what is it. What has been tripping me up for so many years. The self sabotage queen. Grrr. Truth be told it really pisses me off. You know what? I do know what it is. I actually do. Ok so what is it?! It’s Fear of success. Not fear of failure. Fear of Success.

Fear of reaching my goals and finding the reward to be an empty thing indeed. If you don’t open that bright shiny door, you can’t find out that there is nothing there.

Ok so now I know what it is. Now what do I do about it. What is success really? Ask 50 different people that question and you’ll get 50 different answers. So what does that say? It says that success is something different to each person.

Ok, so what is success to me? Stripped of all the pomp and circumstance, just the bare bones of it. What is success to me?

• Is it being a millionaire? Nope, although that can be a side effect. Note the can be, not always is.
• Is it losing 150 pounds? No
• Is it being married for nearly 20 years, and actually still loving your partner? Nope
• Is it owning multiple homes? Nope
• Is it completing a marathon? Nope
• Is it graduating from university? Nope

Ok, this list of questions could go on forever. So what is it and why have I been tripping over it.

First what is success to me: It is a mindset. A way of being, a way of living.

Ok, it’s true. This is a relatively new definition of success for me. Over the years my definition of success or a successful person has changed dramatically.

In the past my definition of success was wealth. As in monetary wealth. Over the years I have found that definition to be false. There are some extremely wealthy people that are not successful. Wealth can be a nice benefit of success, but it is not success. If it were it would be an empty thing indeed.

At one point I defined success as career achievement. Then I looked around at executives defrauding people, and their life’s work disappearing before their eyes. False housing booms, and manipulated stock markets. And I thought this is not success.

I looked at marathoners, gymnasts, football players, Olympians. Medal winners, and thought perhaps that was success. Only to observe the dissatisfaction in so many of their lives, and thought this is not success.

I’ve watched churches turn in on themselves and spew venom and hatred in the name of their God; and I thought this is not success either.

And I wondered is all naught? Do I even want to be successful? Not by those definitions I don’t. Seriously, what’s the point? Emptiness and self loathing ala carte. Thanks anyway I’ll pass. Been there done that. Over it.

It’s not fear of success per se. It’s fear that I’ll achieve financial, physical, religious, whatever success and find it to be an empty barren thing. The fear that I’ll become a cardboard cutout of who I actually am. Empty of life other than desolation and rage. Look around they are all over the place. Here and there you see the cardboard rip and they unload an Uzi on everyone around them. Wouldn’t have to be an Uzi, an emptied milk jug with a few common household chemicals would be just as effective if not more so. Enough said, I’m not going there.

Ok so how do I untie my hands, so to speak? How do I stop the self sabotage and allow myself to follow through on some projects I find interesting.

That is the question. So what is the answer? Thinking, pondering, fingers are twitching with the urge to write something.

The answer, you do realize that each person’s answer is individual. Yes? So what is my answer. Tapping on the mouse, waiting for words to come. Concept is there, now to get it into actual words.

Success is a mindset. A way of being, a way of living.

Yeah ok, so success is a mindset, a way of being a way of living. Big woop, what is the practical application of that?

Ok, here goes. Rather than letting your wealth, or lack thereof, work, athletic prowess, religious endeavors, life events, happenings, relationships, whatever you encounter in your journey through this life define who you are; what you are, whether you are a success or failure in this life, you define your life, rather than the events in your life defining you.

Clear as mud?

Be who you are.

I am that I am. I am at peace within myself, I appreciate the beauty of each day. I live now, fully in each moment that occurs. I accept and love myself as I am, therefore I am free to love others.

As such, I am a success, my life is successful.

I am no longer in bondage, I am free.

Life is a journey, enjoy the trip
Mary E. Robbins

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Whoo Hoo! Lost a total of 5 pounds this week.

Whoo Hoo! Lost a total of 5 pounds this week. Journaling what I eat and doing the ranch workout. Rockin it baby. Been logging into Beachbody and the online gym all week too! Whoo Hoo! I did measure, unfortunately I did not have any change in the measurements that I did. That will come. I didn’t do hip hop abs or any other dvd workout this past week. I will be adding some back in this week; in addition to slogging about in the snow…lol… I overloaded and crashed a couple of weeks ago. So am being a bit more conservative.

Frankly I do not have the time to crash. So a consistent build is for me rather than a total overload. I’ve been watching the Biggest Loser. It would be great to be able to put hours into the gym. However I am not living on the Biggest Loser Ranch. I am living on Robbins Run Ranch, so a big part of my day is taking care of business here. Frankly I am pretty excited about a 5 pound loss. Whoo Hoo! Kind of giddy actually at the prospect of meeting my 50 pound weight loss goal for the year. It’s really happening! I am really doing it! One day, one step, one pound at a time.

Keeping the food journal has been a boon. (a good thing) Writing things down actually calls to mind what is being eaten; and has helped in the change in mindset towards food. I am eating now because I am hungry, not out of frustration, anger, stress, boredom, etc. Anger does still trigger an urge to eat but not an uncontrollable one. 

I am using Shakeology. It is excellent when I workout first thing in the morning. Mix it up and have it after my workout. It helps in muscle recovery and keeps my energy level up. Not psycho buzzing up, as in a speed overload. But healthy, cognitive, good frame of mind for a productive day up. Lol…

It makes an excellent breakfast for me when I’ve worked out early a.m.

The hunger monster has been jumping on my back in the evenings. I think I’m going to try out the Shakeology for my evening snack or dinner. See how that works out with the growling stomach at night…lol. Really do not want to eat for a couple of hours before bedtime. But having that protein, vitamin and mineral boost in the evening will give my body the protein and nutrients it needs to replenish itself while I am sleeping.

Want to get into a stretching routine before bed. Not set in stone, but a good stretching routine at the end of the day would be excellent for my body.

Yes I want the fat off, but I do not want to be a flappy skin monster either. So stretching and working out is a must.

It’s a glorious Day outside! We’ve had over a foot of snow fall this last go around. Between the last 2 days of snow it is knee deep in most places around the ranch. Absolutely great for the pastures. It amazes me how much the amount of snow fall can vary over just a few miles. I believe there were 6 or 8 inches in Torrington. Or maybe that was 6 or 8 additional inches. I’m not sure. The actual town of Torrington is about 17 miles from us.

It was so calm outside this morning. Just beautiful calm, no wind at all. It’s 26 degrees out and feels warm to me, because of the lack of wind. Totally amazing. The hairballs are out playing in the snow having a grand time. The doors we put on the calf hutches really worked well. The houses are warm and dry inside. Gives the hairballs a great dry place to play after bouncing around out in the snow.

Keep in mind folks, unless your pets are acclimated to the weather they can become hypothermic just like you can. I’m loving it outside but I’ve been out in it. So going outside in calm weather at 26 degrees doesn’t feel cold to me.

If/when the wind picks up the wind chill will drop body temps in a hurry without adequate protection. Translated it will freeze you to death in a hurry. Your pets too.

I’ve been pretty happy with my snow ranch workouts. As in slogging through knee deep snow. Dragging 100 ft of water hose and feed tubs. But I pace myself and have been working out in it. Pay attention to your body or you will give yourself a heart attack.

As in from the couch directly to the sidewalk shoveling snow if you have not been active at all. Pace yourself people. The early winter round of heart attacks are waiting in the wings; so to speak. Be smart, take care of that body you are living in. It’s the only one you have.

Have a glorious day!

Life is a journey, I am enjoying the trip.
Mary E. Robbins
Robbins Run Ranch: Living the Dream in Wyoming
Beautiful Pomeranians

Independent Beachbody Coach: Fighting Obesity one Person at a Time.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rewire the Damaged Hardware: Ed Severance Blog

He has something good to say… so I am passing it on!

Well worth the read. Think about it, change your focus, change the way you think and change your life.

This has sooooo much to do with why so many of us are unhealthy, overweight, out of shape... change your subconscious mind and change your life!

Life is a journey, whether you enjoy the trip or not is up to you.

Mary E. Robbins
Robbins Run Ranch: Living the Dream in Wyoming
Beautiful Pomeranians

Independent Beachbody Coach: Fighting Obesity One Person at a Time

By the time you reach, (or reached) 35 years of age, 90% of what you do requires no real thought! Spend a few minutes contemplating the previous sentence. Almost everything you do, you simply do it. Put the keys in your car ignition as an example. How much time does it take for you do accomplish this? You don’t even spend seconds considering it do you. It’s just done. Pick up a fork to eat your favorite meal. Once again, there is no consideration as to how to configure this action. You simply grab the fork and dig in! Walking or running for exercise. You think, decide and do all in less than a second. For all the many positive things you do every single day, such actions have been determined for years! Humans are all conditioned human beings from birth until now.

The challenge is that the same examples can be used for negative thought patterns. The reasons are limitless as to why, but you keep getting the same negative behaviors and outcomes in your life. This is why you are reading this blog. This is why you have made a fantastic choice to take on this 30 day journey. You want to change you’re thinking because you are getting the same crappy results! What you will do is rewire your old hardwired way of thinking.

You have probably had to rewire an electric cord sometime in your life. One of our too many televisions sets in my home went on the blink. One of our too many pets decided to chew on the cord while the cord was not attached to the electric outlet thank God! Now the tv works again. But to get what was damaged, not useful working, I had to cut the cord, strip the outer layers of rubber, rewire the electric lines to each other, wrap electrical tape around the new connections and bingo. Now the television works and my kids can watch, ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ ‘Top Chef-Vegas,’ ‘Discovery Channel,’ and enjoy taking time to learn or simply laugh. You will be doing the same thing with your mind that I did with the tv. Rewiring negative, non-productive, damaging, destructive thought patterns that exhibits new thought paradigms. New thinking, new results and one happy camper!

Your brain is a miracle. There really are no words to describe this ‘gift’ God has given you. Thousands of neural networks, interwoven to create thought patterns. Many needed, many useful and creative habits. Yet some impair you, cause you pain, disappointment, even maybe a the thought can I ever succeed. You act as you do because it is what you truly believe. You are what you produce. “As a man thinks in their heart, so is he,’ Proverbs 23:7. But what is wired can be rewired. What is useful can be strengthened and those thought alliances that must be torn down can be. So let’s get started.

You have your conscious and subconscious. You probably know a ton about the conscious because this is where ‘you live.’ ”I think, therefore I am,” declared Rene Descartes. But to change your habitual way of thinking will need to come from your subconscious. Your six intellectual faculties included your will, reason, perception, imagination, memory and intuition. And your imagination will be a key ingredient in getting you to new and powerful thought processes.

The imagination is not ‘kids stuff.’ What is the ‘adult’ purpose for your imagination? Was it only to be employed as a child in elementary school? For games with your friends when you were Superman or Spiderman, an astronaut flying into outer space, the first girl president of the United States, etc.? Investigate one of the most admired, respected leading thinkers of our time Albert Einstein when he wrote, “When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”

So how does the imagination lead to the kind of thinking and results that you want? Memorize the following:
1. a positive thought (conscious) produces desire
2. a positive desire, (subconscious) creates emotion
3. a positive emotion compels you to action
4. a positive action gets you results

The conscious part of you accepts and rejects information. The subconscious only ‘accepts’ what you believe as real, correct, truth and it is from the subconscious that you act, not the conscious. This is why like all great thinkers, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Albert Einstein, you must focus in on changing your conscious thinking and beliefs via your subconscious. See, discover that this is you and the opportunity you have to live as you deserve and desire.

Start each morning off in a positive fashion! First thoughts that are exciting, first actions are progressive, forget about the internet, news, any work and prepare yourself. Put on music that invigorates you, quote successful thoughts that gives you a great feeling. When you feel good you are ready to move forward. This is critical, vital, pivotal, urgent, serious, consequential, momentous, key, impactful, central, essential, fundamental. When you start off on the right foot, your energy for taking the time to create something positive is at a high level. Begin your day on the wrong foot, negative thinking which directs you to procrastinate, you are screwed! And this is a HUGE issue for some of you reading this blog. You must start each day ready to rock and roll!

For these next thirty days, choose one or two of the most important paradigms you want to recreate. If it has taken years to develop and live in habits that are not productive, you will not completely change you’re thinking patterns in 30 days. This is why I highly recommend you work on one or two issues. Once successful you will have the courage, desire and tenacity to move forward on other areas for personal improvement.

When you are positioned in a relaxed state, you can have very quiet music playing in the background, (screamo is not recommended!) scanning a beautiful sky or even a soothing screen saver to assist in building the right frame of mind.

Now close your eyes and begin to visualize what it is you are here for. What is the correct way you want to think and see yourself actually involved in the picture. Here are several examples.Pool You have a pool in your backyard. Visualize how cool or warm the temperature is. Do you feel it? Was it cool or warm? What is the sound of water like when you lift your foot out and the water splash’s back into your pool? Since your foot is used to the crystal, clear water, now put in your foot up to the ankle. How does your body react to the water? This example gives you sight, creativity, sound, and sensation. Imagine riding alone on a Harley Davidson motorcycle on a straight stretch of highway with no one around you. Harley 2Feel the vibration of the engine, hear the sound of the motor, feel the wind whipping though your hair, (or on your head if you need hair!) looking out and exploring mountains, or a lake, a farm, etc.

Now take this example and transfer the picture of what you just experienced into what is it you want to accomplish! And as you visualize it, also speak out what you want. ”I will no longer react instantly in anger. I am in control of my emotions” and see yourself acting in such a way within your imagination towards those you struggle with containing your anger. View yourself as responding and not reacting. Or use your fantasy as seeing yourself pushing through that fear that has captured you for so long and held you back from obtaining what it is you want. ”I’m so grateful that I have the courage to be honest.” ”I so grateful that I made the sale.” ”I’m on an airplane and I am not filled with fear.” ”I can make good, strong decisions.” ”Look at me, I am a solid leader.” ”I am succeeding in this business.”

What is literally taking place within your brain is amazing! Old hard, negative, destructive networks are slowly but surely being broken down. Creative, faith building, powerful and positive networks are either being reinforced or taking shape. Think about this. You are truly creating the life you want to live. Isn’t that incredible? That God would give you the ability to create the life you know you want to be living!

Persistence, consistent persistence is a law for success. Do not become discouraged. This is one of your biggest problems, so why continue to live this same lifestyle? Stick with this for 30 days. You are building an intellectual habit that will change your life. Please share what is really transpiring in your journey. Are you experiencing forward movement, struggling, seeing improvement, excited?

Change your thinking and change your results!

Ed Severance

Ed Reduced

Ed Severance Blog

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Lost 3 more pounds!

Celebrating... got on the scale... lost 3 more pounds! that puts me at
281lbs. 4 lbs lost so far this week. 32 lbs to go to meet my 50 lb wt
loss goal for this yr. 132 lbs to go for total wt loss goal of 150
lbs... doin it!

Life is a journey, enjoy the trip.
Mary E. Robbins
Robbins Run Ranch: Living the Dream in Wyoming
Beautiful Pomeranians

Independent Beachbody Coach: Helping to fight Obesity one person at a time!

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