Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tired Achy Crabby... Need some Coffee NOW

Ok who punched me in the stomach... ugh... that's what my insides feel like this morning... I crashed last night after supper. Had a miserable gastric attack. I know what brought it on. I over ate. I had steak and salad for supper and ice cream for dessert. Nothing wrong with what I ate. Just ate too much of it and my system went nuts. I let myself get too hungry then didn’t handle it very well. Thankfully I had some Imodium I’m still really tired. I woke up at 3:30 this morning. Frankly I think I’m going back to sleep for a little while. Truth be known I really don’t have time too… but I’m still so tired and sleepy I’m not functioning well. Maybe another half hour would do me good… or an early morning walk up to the kennels. Need to edit photos and get them posted … arf arf arf… cute little monsters…. I’m aching all over the place from the yard and kennel work. Just dragging this fat around is miserable. I will not miss it when it’s gone. I always feel like crud after a gastric attack. Not a lot of positive flowing words coming out of me this morning. Ok focus… push past the pain and tired and focus. Ok… question of the day… how do I feel better … how do I get these pictures edited and on line… how do I get all the grooming done… yards mowed… paperwork done… answer: one step at a time.
Life is a journey... phhhhtttt.... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

Friday, May 18, 2007

bit the bullet and got on the scale

Ok I got on the scale this morning… it said 297 lbs. went for a walk with hubby and Min Min yesterday evening after supper. We used to do that quite a bit when we lived in town. It was a nice stroll. Although the mosquitoes are coming out. They weren’t after me so much, but they sure went after David.

Well I hadn’t planned on a 2 pound gain this week. Frankly I could have done without that. The question is how I lose fat in a healthy manner. What can I do right this week… this day… this minute in my quest for a healthy body.

Heat gald is a bit miserable. Any input as to how to heal that up would be greatly appreciated. I’m using some stuff which I do not have in front of me…and can’t remember how to spell… hope it works…

Scent free antiperspirant works pretty well in some areas… gotta run… getting pretty warm out and kennel care is calling my name…

I actually do know what happened last week… I allowed some emotional stuff to trigger an eating free for all… so what do I ask myself this week… how do I deal with stress in a healthy productive manner.

Life is a journey… enjoy the trip…Mary E. Robbins & the

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swelled up... working on attitude change...

I got on the scale this morning and rapidly got off again. My face and hands are swelled… so of course I’m heavier. Feel like a total puff ball. Had a few rough days this week, where I slid off in to a depressed state. I tend to eat more when I’m like that… vicious cycle. Feel crappy… stuff face.. Feel worse… stuff face some more.

Ok it’s time to break the cycle. How do I do that? Hmmm… I think a daily outline of activities will help. I know it will help to get me on track as far as getting my kennel work, office work, working out, etc done. Which will in turn help with a sense of accomplishment. Feeding a sense of well being… upward cycle… which actually leads to fat loss…

Must Change Mindset: rather than feeling just awful.
Live in an attitude of gratitude:
5 things I’m thankful for
1. I got a haircut this week
2. Geese and Turkeys are doing well… really growing fast…mom was wrong about turning them loose. I turned my little turkeys loose and they are doing great. About time to turn the geese loose too.
3. I live on a ranch… I’ve always wanted a ranch… now I have one… well me and the bank. But I’m here now.
4. It’s springtime… spring and fall are my favorite times of year
5. My puppies are absolutely beautiful. Wow… such beautiful healthy dogs. There is a little cream sable male that I would love to put in show.

Ok that’s 5 things… there are more… I feel better already… life is good.
Life is a journey… each and every day is a gift to be thankful for… Mary E. Robbins & the

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ow... not has hot today...

I got on the scale this morning… ugh…didn’t gain but I didn’t lose either. I’m either not moving as much as I thought… building significant muscle… or eating more than I thought… maybe a combination of all three… at any rate I am going to start writing down everything that I munch on. From the 2 tiny baby carrots this morning and coffee… and so on. Nights are my hungry time. No big surprise there. Must be making some changes… because I am aching everywhere. No not the flu… I did overheat yesterday… but no flu. I’ll eat lunch with David. Ok… post this and out the door… behind my house… the kennel is about half way up… I’m going to make a point of walking that hill at least once a day… I ‘ve walked it the past 2 days… the well and pump is at the top of that hill… of all places to be… but there it is… beautiful view from up there… I can see all the way to Laramie Peak… to the west… Table Mountain to the south… Wild Cat Hills to the south east…
Life is a journey… sometimes it’s trudging up hill…
Mary & the Hairballs

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9th... wake up and get healthy...

Beautiful morning… late start for me today though. I didn’t get up till 7:30. Needed to get some sleep. Didn’t go to bet till a bit after 2:00 a.m. I did however get the menus all posted on my blogs. So that was a good thing.

Wow…got on the scale… 295 lbs. It’s official. I don’t like fat. You know I have no desire to be a bobble head… you know… so skinny your head looks like the head on a bobble head doll. But I have at least 100 pounds too much hanging on me. I really don’t like being this out of shape… magic wand anyone… zap… in peeerrrrffffeeeccccttt condition… ha… only if my being is downloaded into a cyborg body.

So… how do I do this.
No magic formulas… fat is not all gone tomorrow.
Seriously… OK here’s my plan.2 pounds of fat a week. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I lose 2 pounds a week. Not an excuse… OK… I want a good amount of muscle mass to live my chosen lifestyle… soooo… rebuilding muscle mass will cause the actual weight to see saw… I knew I’d get heavier then start going down in weight… that’s where I am now. I didn’t realize just how
out of shape I really am. Pppphhhttttt! Ok…. One day one step at a time. I can stand to sit in my office chair again without my back swelling up and partially paralyzing my hands and arms… so there is progress. Painful progress… but progress just the same. I can walk to the mail box and back and still do kennel chores… more progress… after surgery I couldn’t even lift my cast iron kettles. Forget lifting 40 and 50 pound feed bags… I can lift them now. More progress. Now to get rid of these fat rolls… I’m not swelling up as bad as I was. The pants I was wearing are trying to fall off… but I’m not small enough yet to fit in my others… so hello suspenders. Ok… so there is progress… Now focus on one day at a time. One step at a time… kind of like grooming one dog at a time… raking out one dog pen at a time… forking out the straw in the runs… shoveling out the fowl house… one shovel at a time… it’s the dog brush…dog poop… chicken poop workout… oh don’t forget the fence building… and mowing… I’m either going to get into shape or die. Probably feel like I’m a dead piece of hamburger quite a few times… already been that way… it will get better… I remember feeling good after walking a half marathon distance… I want that again. Actually I want to walk a full marathon…not an ultra… but the full… and ride my bicycle a century ride. I’d love to go on a bicycle tour of the continental divide… that would be too cool…

Ok so there is some motivation… focus on the positive… live life…don’t wait for life… live it now … because now is actually all you have!

Life is a journey…enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & The Hairballs
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