Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sun Is Shining!

A bit late on my morning workout. I actually slept after working in the kennels all day. I scrubbed out all the water and play buckets, over 40 and groomed 3 poms, mucked out the whelping house, took care of the fowl, and my sweet puppies.

It feels like the Karate Kid Paint the fence, wax the car; and so on.

Here we go again. Coffee, breakfast and out the door to muck out the whelping house, dump all the waters and refill. Groom another set of poms plant 3 plum trees, and hopefully get the garden fence up. I am sooooooo late with that fence.

Plan may have to be modified if I have to go with my husband and mother to get their glasses. If they will go on their own, I'll keep at it while they are gone.

I worked my knee for most of the day yesterday. It's catching a bit today but not so that I can't keep going. I have a support coming that is not as bundlesome and restrictive as the ones I have. The ones I have are too much at this point. They are going to do more damage than good. Need to strengthen the muscles around my knee joint not restrict them.

Life is a journey, enjoy the trip.

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