Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Pounds Down!

Whoop Whoop Whoop... I lost 5 more pounds. 10 pounds down. Weigh 310 - 10 = 300 lbs.

Never did I think I would celebrate weighing 300 lbs... but I am seriously doing a happy dance...

I am almost to my first big goal. Big goal psychologically and emotionally... to get under 300 lbs... Yes I checked that scale several times... even double checked to make sure it is balanced... lol...

I looked at the pictures earlier in this album and I was under 300 lbs. All the way down to 275 lbs in one photo. At that point I was still dealing with the uncontrollable binging. Diet then binge pause repeat.

It is truly a blessing to be free of the binging. Yesterday was truly a test of that... lol. My stress levels went off the charts. I did have some cravings... of course. I also had some chips, as well as some ice cream.

Here is the difference. I had around an ounce of chips and a bit of dip rather than a couple bags of chips and a couple tubs of dip.

As for the ice cream. I had 1/2 cup of chocolate ice cream.

It is so freeing to be able to have chips or ice cream without eating myself into oblivion, and being ill afterwards.

1. Under 300 lbs is my first major goal:

2. Next is 294.5 lbs. that will equal a 15.5 lb loss. 5% of my heaviest recorded weight lost...

3. 279 lbs is my next goal: that will be 31 pounds down and 10 % of my heaviest recorded weight lost.

4. Next up is under 275 lbs. 275 lbs is the lightest I was in those pictures I'd posted earlier.

5. Next up is 263.5 lbs... 15% of my heaviest recorded wt. that will be 46.5 lbs down.

6. After that my next huge goal... or rather marker. Under 250 lbs. This one is a biggie for me. Psychologically and Emotionally this one is a HUGE one.

7. Next up: 248 lbs. 20% of my heaviest recorded weight for a loss of 62 lbs.

8. Next on the roster: 232.5 lbs. 25 % of my heaviest recorded weight for a loss of 77.5 lbs.

9. Next up 217 lbs. 30% of my heaviest recorded weight. 93 lbs down.

10. 201.5 lbs is the next one for 35% of my heaviest recorded weight gone gone gone... 108.5 lbs down.

11. Under 200 lbs is my next Huge psychological/emotional goal. It has been over 20 years since I've been under 200 lbs.

12. 186 lbs. is the next in line. That is 40% of my heaviest recorded weight. for a loss of 124 lbs.

13. 170.5 lbs is next up. 45% of my heaviest recorded weight gone gone gone... for a loss of 139.5 lbs.

14. 155 lbs is next up. That will be 50% of my heaviest recorded weight off my body for a loss of 155 lbs. Wow... this is a biggie.

15. Under 150 lbs is my next major major goal and almost to my goal weight... hubba hubba!

16. 145 lbs is my goal weight. For a loss of 165 lbs. Good by to over 53 % of my heaviest recorded weight... Yeah Baby!

Well, hmmmm... wow. There they are, incremental weight goals all the way to my goal weight. I am going to cross them off as I go along. I am writing each one on my dry erase board as I reach the one before it. After wiping that one out... love that symbolism...:)

Of course these are just numbers. Not actually that important in themselves. What they represent is what is important.

I could just go for the numbers. I've done that in the past... dropped a bunch of weight and gained it plus more right back on. Frankly I am not interested in doing that.

For me, these incremental numbers represent a change in lifestyle. A person that is stronger now, and continuing to grow stronger yet, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

They represent freedom from what was entrapping me in layers upon layers of fat.

They represent Freedom to Live my Life.